Fiction is a productive site for describing states of instability where I rely on residue from social interactions as a catalyst for my practice. I utilize my body and experience to process the interpersonal structures of intimacy, employing memory to explore power dynamics and trauma. The work appears as vacated scenes of vibrant pseudo-familiar sculptures where physical interdependencies and contradictions are exposed. This hybrid material practice uses sculpture, drawing, and painting to investigate residual tensions that have been built up to the present to examine what futures can build from a repressed past. The sentiment of my practice is to give power to the absent, what isn't visible, what may be powerless, and what cannot be easily defined.


Part of the initial investigation of she haunts a series exploring personal folklore through stories passed down from my mother. The work aims to explore how narrative has the capacity to transform trauma into power.

These works have been shown in group exhibtions at Peripheral Space (Los Angeles, CA), Torrance Art Museum (Torrance, CA), and the Santa Monica College Pete & Susan Barrett Art Gallery (Los Angeles, CA).

THE HIDEBEHIND | after hours gallery, Los Angeles, CA - 2021

The work is part of an ongoing series inspired by Jorge Luis Borges’ writing on the Hidebehind. It is an exploration of producing work in close proximity to my studio mate, Amy MacKay, and how creatures communicate without a shared vocabulary.

i leave this standing stone to be a sign | Best Practice, San Diego, CA - 2019

i leave this standing stone to be a sign is an exhibition of sculpture and drawings that uses the supercontinent Pangea as a model to investigate the capacity of how individuals of a community fit together. All the artworks are installed either low to the ground or high up on the wall to force the viewer to be intimate with the individual works.

is love a tender thing? | University Art Gallery, Irvine, CA - 2018

is love a tender thing? is an exhibtion of sculpture and video that explores interdependent relationships within artist collaborations, turning a critical lens towards exchanges of sincerity, tension, and influence, to explore how artistic partnership and boundaries are negotiated.

Images of older works can be found via my website: