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after hours gallery (2021-Present)

after hours gallery is a practice in shared intimacy, stemming from the collaboration and friendship between Kim Garcia and Amy MacKay. The gallery hosts seasonal 2-person exhibitions to empower artists to create conversation and partnership across their work.

Affiliated Artists: Joshua Ross & chester vincent toye, Pui Tiffany Chow & Olivia Mole, Audrey Hope & Lila de Magalhaes

The Cold Read (2018 - Present)

Initiated in 2018 as an email-based critique group that focused on writing letters to the presenting artist. The Cold Read has expanded through its iterations to include a roster of 15 artists, writers, poets, and musicians throughout the US and has become a community group that collaborates on projects and prompt-based exhibitions.

Affiliated Artists and Writers: Henderson Blumer, Melinda Braathen, Rachel Borenstein, Lawrence Chit, Yerrie Choo, Pui Tiffany Chow, Kim Garcia, Nicole Rose Gelormino, Gosia Herc, Jackson Hunt, Laura Judkis, Ellen Khansefid, Caroline Liou, Amy MacKay, Marisa Marokske, Carol Anne McChrystal, Joshua Ross, Reinhart Selvik, Estelle Srivijittakar, Liz Stringer, Cove Tsui, Anna Wittenberg.

Something We Don’t Know (2016 - 2018)

In collaboration with San Diego Mesa College’s Sculpture and Museum Studies Program, Friends Collective (Lawrence Chit and Elizabeth Stringer), and the Museum of Contemporary Art.

A collaborative project commissioned by the Museum of Contemporary Art San Diego through their Millennial Engagement initiative. The project turns to the museum’s collection to think about how the art object circulates within the relationships of artist, curator, registrar, and viewer as it shifts in meaning within the dynamics of those roles.