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i leave this standing stone to be a sign 2019 

i leave this standing stone to be a sign at Best Practice, San Diego  

i leave this standing stone to be a sign is an exhibition that skillfully weaves together materials and processes, creating forms both familiar and foreign. Through the lens of fiction, the work explores the intricate interplay among collaboration, interpersonal relationships, and community, immersing viewers in an engaging experience.

Low sculptures act as pedestals for smaller works, with vibrant red drawings mounted higher than the standard viewing experience. Visitors choose to crouch for intimate sculpture examination or lift their gaze to view the elevated drawings. Employing a layered approach to objects and imagery, the audience is invited to delve into the work's past and contemplate the lingering myths that remain. Fiction merges with reality, prompting a reconsideration of human connection and the power of shared and changing narratives.

‘standing stones’ were small scupltures that were comprised of a mixture of found objects, encapsulated objects, unfired clay, paraffin wax, watercolor, resin, powder pigment, oil pastel, and polyurethane foam.

solo exhibition